June 14, 2023
Best Betta Fish Tank | 2022 Guide

Best Betta Fish Tank | 2022 Guide

If you’re fairly new to fish-keeping, a hardy betta is arguably one of the best choices of aquatic pet. Betta fish are dazzling to look at, with elaborate fin and tail shapes and a plethora of eye-catching colours. Their striking appearance more than makes up for the fact you can usually only house one betta per tank at any one time.

Because betta fish are best housed alone, you have more options available to you when it comes to picking out a suitable tank for them. A betta fish tank doesn’t need to be particularly large, while filters don’t need to be all that powerful as they will only be dealing with minimal impurities. However, if you want your betta of choice to thrive, there are some key things to keep an eye out for when selecting a new tank.

Tank Dimensions

Although betta fish can get by in a very small tank, you should ideally be looking for something with a capacity of 5 gallons or more. Although bettas can live quite happily in smaller tanks than this, more swimming space will encourage them to move around more, making for a more more attractive display. A larger tank size also means slight changes in ammonia and other chemical levels within aquarium water can be more easily corrected without your fish coming to any harm. If you have your heart set on a particular variety of betta, do some research into the environmental requirements of the desired breed to ensure you have a tank that is fit for purpose.

Filtration Systems

Although a single betta fish will produce far less waste than an aquarium made up of many individuals, their tank conditions still need to kept in check. Betta fish require oxygen-rich waters in order to thrive, so you’ll require a filter that can keep these levels in check. You also want to avoid disturbing your betta fish too much once their tank is established.

Although you’ll inevitably have to carry out regular water changes to maintain healthy tank conditions, your filter should be taking care of much of the hard work. One thing to consider when selecting a filter for your betta tank is the flow rate. Filters with particularly high flow rates can be problematic for betta fish. To avoid any issues, opt for a filter with a low or variable flow rate that can be easily adjusted.

Heater Elements

The majority of betta fish species originate from tropical climates. Therefore, tank water needs to remain fairly high at all times. Some tanks can remain warm by being exposed to regular LED lights, provided of course the tank is placed in a stable environment. However, even in these cases, you’ll need to regularly check the water temperature with a digital thermometer. If your betta fish tank is large enough to house one, you should definitely invest in a tank heater to ensure water conditions remain optimal at all times.

LED Lighting

If you want to show your betta fish off, you’ll probably want a tank that includes some form of LED lighting. Even the cheapest of betta tanks will usually include an LED array above the canopy, providing you with a white or blue light source. The best tanks will include the option to alternate between different colour hues. Some may even include automated lighting patterns to provide unique displays. If you are purchasing a tank with a particularly powerful LED array, make sure it comes with a timer function. This will prevent your lights from remaining on indefinitely, which can cause some issues with water temperature.

Product Reviews – Best Betta Fish Tank

Looking for the perfect tank for your beloved betta fish? Below are some of the best compact tanks and aquarium options in which your bettas will thrive.

hygger 5 Gallon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits, Arc-Shaped Aquarium Kit with 3.2W Led Lighting, Hidden Filtration Box and Material, 5W Water Pump Rainwater and Duck’s Mouth Outlet, Fish Tank Glass Cover

This 5-gallon aquarium from Hygger is a good option for those looking to keep betta fish, but also serves as a stellar starter aquarium. This tank is made from incredibly clear glass, allowing for near total light transmittance. The edges of the tank are also almost seamless, with the joins beautifully polished to leave the smoothest of corners. The contemporary design of this tank makes it a superb display piece, with the load-bearing base plate providing exceptional stability at all times.

The curved design also complements the integrated lighting, proving your fish and any aquatic plants with all the UV exposure they will ever need. A glass cover is also provided for your tank, helping keep active fish in their place come feeding time. As with the rest of the aquarium, this cover is made from ultra-clear glass, ensuring maximum light transference.

If you’re looking for a low-cost betta fish tank, this 5-gallon aquarium is a good option. Although they might be hard to spot at first glance, all the essentials you need to keep happy and healthy fish are provided. The darkened section conceals a filtration system, which incorporates a variety of filter media material to keep your aquarium water clean and free of harmful contaminants.

This section also conceals the mechanical pump. By freeing up the interior dimensions, you’re left with much more flexibility when it comes to landscaping the inside of your aquarium. Having the LED light component included along with the rest of the package also saves you having to spend more cash down the line.


Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit 1 Gallon, Hexagon Shape, With Color-Changing Light Disc

This hexagonal aquarium from Tetra is a good choice for those looking for something affordable, practical and perfectly proportioned for housing betta fish and other small goldfish varieties. The hexagonal profile of this tank makes it a terrific display piece, with the glass joins incredibly subtle, with smooth polished edges. This tank also includes a bubbling disc feature that will automatically sift through a variety of eye-catching colours, without you having to play around manually with a controller.

One thing to consider about this tank is that it is on the small side. With a mere 1-gallon capacity, it is only really suitable for a solitary betta or smaller fish. Even than, you may need to consider purchasing much smaller varieties of betta to ensure they have ample living space here.

All the essentials you need to get started are including with this tank kit. There’s an internal power filter that will help you keep on top of water quality and reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance. An air pump is also included, which powers the bubbling disc feature and ensures the filtration system is always working at optimal levels. The clear canopy top also includes a feeding porthole, saving you the need to have to remove the entire lid to provide your beloved bettas with their meals.

If you’re looking for a very small starter tank, this aquarium kit is ideal. However, there is little room for growing your collection and you will be quite limited when it comes to landscaping. The filter and pumps are also on show, with no real scope for concealing them with aquatic decorations and plants.


Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

This 5-gallon aquarium from Marineland is another stylish option for housing betta fish. Although this tank is oblong in shape, the rounded corners and smooth edges give it a smooth and sophisticated appearance. The glass used in the construction of this tank is of a very high quality, with excellent transparency for enhanced viewing of your betta fish. The high-grade glass also means that the panel edges are almost impossible to spot.

The easily removed canopy is made from the same high-quality glass material, ensuring excellent viewing from any angle. This tank also comes with integrated LED lighting. You can switch between daylight and moonlight modes with ease. The daylight setting provides you with an intense white effect, while the moonlight mode provides you with more muted blue hues.

The LED frame is positioned on hinges, allowing it to be easily moved back when you need to access the canopy for feeding time. The glass canopy is easily slid open, providing you with all the access you need for feeding and maintenance. This compact tank also features a surprisingly advanced filtration system. Unlike other compact tanks that are limited by second-rate filters, this aquarium features a true 3-stage filtration system that will ensure water quality remains high. The filtration system is also concealed out of sight, ensuring views of your aquarium are not spoiled by unsightly hosing and boxy filter housing.


Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base

If you’re looking for a slightly larger betta tank that will look right at home in a modern and minimalist space, this 3-gallon cube aquarium from Tetra is a good option. This eye-catching tank is made from high-grade glass, with its cubic profile guaranteed to make an in impression. You’ve got everything you need here to keep healthy betta fish, the Tetra 3i filter particularly effective at keeping water clean and stable.

This makes this cube tank ideal for more delicate fish and tropical species. An integrated LED lighting system is also included so you can show off your betta fish in style. The top canopy has also been designed for easy access, allowing you to make quick work of feeding time, without the worry of your fish trying to leap free of their enclosure.

Another great feature of this tank is that you will not have to worry about purchasing a standard for the aquarium separately. This tank features a slick black pedestal base that sets off the cubic dimensions of the tank beautifully. The slightly larger dimensions of this tank also give you a little more flexibility when it comes to landscaping your aquarium interior.

You’ve certainly enough room for multiple layers of substrate, while there’s also ample space for artificial plants and bulky aquarium ornaments. In addition to the whisper-quiet power filter, you’ll also get filtration media thrown in, making you a small saving. If you’re looking for a stylish home for a solitary betta fish, this Tetra tank is a must.


Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Kit with LED Light & Internal Filter Desktop Size, 1.5 gallon

If you’re on a very tight budget and are in urgent need of a new home for your betta fish, this Penn Plax fish tank is a good option. Admittedly, this tank is one of the smallest around, with a capacity of just 1.5 gallons. However, this should provide sufficient space for most species of betta fish. That being said, you’ll need to be creative when it comes to positioning substrate, garden ornaments and other accessories. Although compact, this tank has everything you need.

An internal filter provides you with true 3-stage filtration, with chemical, biological and mechanical filtration all provided. Despite being very inexpensive, this tank also comes with integrated LED lighting. The low-voltage LED array provides you with brilliant white illumination that will show off your aquarium setup and betta fish in all their glory. This light can also be turned off at will, ensuring algae and green water never need to become a problem.

The curved profile of this betta tank makes up somewhat for its small size. In fact, the curved edges give this tank some of the main advantages of a bow-front aquarium. Your fish can enjoy a marginally larger swimming area, while the curved design also allows for smoother edges and improved viewing from more or less any angle. One area where this tank falls short is the material it is made from. Unlike other tank options in this list, this Penn Plaxx aquarium is made from high-quality acrylic, rather than glass.

Saying that, the curved edge makes up for any shortcomings when it comes to viewing clarity. The inclusion of a raised plinth base is a nice touch, adding to the aesthetics of the tank and eliminating unwanted noise from vibration. If you’re searching for a desktop-friendly tank so you can keep your favourite betta nearby as you work, this compact aquarium is a good option.


Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon 360 Aquarium with Power Filter & LED Lighting

This AquaView aquarium is an ideal environment for housing betta fish and other small aquatic species. The cylindrical shape provides your fish with plenty of swimming space, while also giving you first-rate viewing angles of your aquatic pets. The rounded design also makes placement easy, with this tank looking equally great on a shelf as it will a table or display cabinet.

This 2-gallon tank is a particularly good idea for those with very limited space for a larger aquarium. Although small, this tank comes with a premium LED lighting system. There are no less than seven colour options to choose from, with a built-in timer on hand to ensure your lights are never left on longer than you want them to.

This 360-degree betta tank also comes with its own internal power filter. This filter offers exceptional performance, ensuring tank water remains clear of debris. The impressive flow rate means you will have to worry far less about water changes and maintenance, allowing you to simply enjoy your fish. Some people may be put off slightly by the fact that this tank is made from acrylic, rather than glass, but they shouldn’t be. The acrylic used here is hard to distinguish from regular glass. It offers superb viewing clarity, with the added benefits of being very lightweight and resistance to damage. It also provides you with peace of mind thanks to its leak-proof guarantee.


Hygger Small Betta Fish Tank with LED Lighting, 4 Gallon Desktop Aquarium Starter Kit with Lid, Filter Pump Filter Cartridges for Snail Tropical Fish

If you want a larger choice of tank for your betta fish, this 4-gallon aquarium from Hygger is a good choice. Although somewhat more expensive than other options, this stylish tank provides you with plenty of room for landscaping and comes loaded with first-rate features that will make fish keeping as easy as possible. The aquarium itself is far superior to many other products on the market. The high-grade glass provides exceptional viewing clarity, with the curved edges providing an almost seamless enclosure for your betta fish. All the accessories you need are also included. The 3-in-1 filter takes care of all your filtration needs, with the heavy-duty pump ensuring reliable water circulation at all times.

This tank also features integrated LED lighting throughout the aquarium hood. There are four different lighting modes to choose from, giving you plenty of options when it comes to showing off your favourite fish. Replacement filter cartridges are also included, meaning you can start using your tank immediately. In fact, all you really need to invest in separately is substrate, aquarium decorations and a betta fish itself. The internal dimensions of this tank are fairly large, giving you a lot of scope when it comes to landscaping. The slightly larger tank size also means you can use this aquarium to house several smaller fish, provided of course they aren’t of a betta variety.


The Verdict

Although betta fish are fairly easy to care for, there are a few key things to remember before rushing out to purchase a new pet and tank for them. Most importantly, you need to remember that bettas are an incredibly aggressive fish. Never pair male bettas together and avoid keeping female bettas together whenever possible. If you must keep multiple fish at any one time in the same tank, opt for an aquarium that includes separate pens that can be partitioned to avoid battling bettas.

Because you will almost certainly only be keeping one betta fish at any one time, you don’t need to opt for too large a tank. Even a very modest 1.5-gallon tank should prove sufficient for your bettas, although it’s also advisable that you opt for as large a tank as possible. If you’re excitedly planning some unique aquarium landscaping, you should definitely opt for a larger tank as you’ll have more freedom to incorporate bulkier ornaments and deeper substrate layers.

Finally, you’ll want to be weary of budget. Because the majority of betta tanks are on the small side, you’ll rarely find betta-friendly aquariums retailing for sky-high sums. However, always ensure that your tank comes with a few basic components so you can start using it straight away. Most betta tanks will include a filtration system and pump as standard. Unlike other tanks that house many fish and will need to keep on top of excessive amounts of waste, your betta tank filter will less heavily utilised. Therefore, you won’t need to worry too much about replacing the filter that comes with your tank with a separate model.

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