June 15, 2023
Goldfish Tank Mates | 2022 Guide

Goldfish Tank Mates | 2022 Guide

Although many goldfish varieties can live happily alongside each other, you may run into trouble when broadening your horizons when it comes to picking suitable tank mates. Unlike other popular types of aquatic pets, such as Betta fish, choosing suitable tank mates for goldfish can prove difficult.

Even if you’re sticking to a goldfish-only approach, things can prove complicated. There are more than 200 recognised goldfish species currently in circulation, with many of these requiring vastly different diets and environmental conditions than others. Below, we’ll explore some of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing suitable tank mates for your goldfish communities.

Crucial Considerations

One of the most important things to remember about goldfish is that they don’t necessarily need tank mates. If you only have a small to medium-sized tank, you don’t really need to think about introducing tank mates to keep your goldfish stimulated. By their very nature, goldfish are fairly active fish that will remain active and engaged with their surroundings without additional stimulation. Provided you keep tank water clean and have given your goldfish sufficient living space, they’ll remain happy and contend for a long time.

Tank Mate Compatibility for Different Goldfish Varieties

Before you start selecting potential tank mates, you need to consider the variety of your existing goldfish. Concentrate on tail types and individual traits of your goldfish stocks. Goldfish can be broadly divided into two main varieties. The first of these is the single-tailed goldfish. They tend to have a heart-shaped tail and a slimline body. If your goldfish are of this variety, you are fairly limited when it comes to comes to selecting tank companions.

This type of goldfish can grow to considerable sizes, causing issues if you have stocked your aquarium with nano fish species. Larger goldfish are always going to outcompete smaller tank mates. If you must add tank mates to an aquarium stocked with single-tailed goldfish, pick similar species with a comparable body type and tail shape. This is not necessarily that restrictive. You’ll find plenty of colour and pattern varieties with single-tailed goldfish, allowing you to put together a fairly varied tank with plenty of eye-catching aquatic characters.

If your goldfish are of the fancy variety, you have more options when it comes to choosing tank mates. Compared to single-tailed goldfish, fancy goldfish are relatively smaller, with slower rates of growth. They’re also not as agile, which means they won’t outcompete smaller tank mates when it comes to feeding time. Many fancy goldfish varieties have rounded bodies, protruding eyes or complex tail shapes.

All of these features will impair swimming ability, slowing the goldfish down. You can usually introduce tropical fish species and larger nano fish varieties into a tank populated with fancy goldfish breeds. However, you should certainly keep an eye on how they are behaving alongside their new companions. It’s a good idea to remain at the tank for a few minutes after feeding so you can ensure that any smaller fish are getting their fair share.

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