June 14, 2023
Fish Tank Decoration Ideas | 2022 Guide

Fish Tank Decoration Ideas | 2022 Guide

Decorating a fish tank can be incredibly enjoyable. If you’re establishing a tank for the first time, it pays to take some time to plan a dazzling theme ahead of introducing substrate layers, water and fish. If you’re thinking of overhauling an existing tank ahead of introducing a new collection of fish, now is also a good time to stop, take stock and think about decorative touches.

Decide on a Theme

If you want your aquarium to really stand out, one of the best ways to approach tank decoration is to decide on a theme. Many people tend to keep it simple and opt for underwater inspired ornaments, such as sunken ship ornaments and scuba diver figurines. The best examples of these ornaments can be incredibly eye-catching, but they’re rather old hat. To make your tank something truly original, explore unique themes that can be brought to life standout objects. Consider eras of history and think about incorporating miniature statues and carvings.

Another option is a submerged cityscape, with toppled towers and skylines half-submerged in substrate. Regardless of what theme you opt for, make sure any ornaments you buy are suitable for use in aquariums. You can’t just grab a garden ornament and bed it down in the gravel layer. Many of these objects will begin to dissolve on a microscopic scale as soon as they are submerged in water, which will ultimately lead to problems with your filter and fish.

Make Use of Plants

Another easy way to add some decorative flair to your aquarium is to make use of plants. You have plenty of options when it comes to aquarium-friendly plants. You can opt for aquatic plants that can be bedded into the substrate layer and remain underwater at all times, or instead go for floating plants that will drift throughout your tank interior. When choosing plants for your fish tank, make sure you’re selecting varieties that will not outgrow the dimensions of your aquarium. You also need to consider the care and maintenance requirements of plant species.

Opt for low-maintenance species whenever possible and make sure the plants you pick won’t be churning out harmful pollutants. Another thing to remember about plants is that they will require sunlight in order to thrive. Some plants should find sufficient nourishment from natural sunlight that permeates in through a window, although other varieties will require you to install a dedicated UV light.

Keep it Simple

If any of the above sounds too involved for your liking, there are some simpler steps you can take to decorate your fish tank. Coloured gravel and substrate is always a good way of introducing some character to an aquarium. Gravel comes in variety of sizes, shapes and shades, giving you complete choice when it comes to deciding on a vibrant colour scheme. Most pet stores and aquatic retailers will also offer an extensive range of tank ornaments. These are usually fairly pricey when compared to everyday ornaments, but the main benefit here is that they’re suitable for use in tank water and won’t cause your fish any harm.

If you want to opt for a more natural scheme, buy specially treated driftwood and organic objects that can be used to replicate the appearance of a riverbed. Another effortless way of adding some decorative appeal to your fish tank is to use a backing image. These are only really suitable for tanks that will be positioned with one side against a wall. Simply select an image, get it printed to size and attach it to the outside of your tank for a beautiful backdrop. Just make sure the image is printed on water-resistant material to ensure the occasional splash won’t cause any inks to blur and smudge.

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