August 1, 2022
Can Fish Tanks Be Kept in a Bedroom? | 2022 Guide

Can Fish Tanks Be Kept in a Bedroom? | 2022 Guide

Although a fish tank can be a good addition to a bedroom, there are some specific things you need to take into account before measuring a spot to install one. In theory, a bedroom is an ideal place to install a fish tank. Fish tend to respond to excessive activity and external distractions outside of their tank, which can cause them unnecessary distress. As a bedroom is rarely used outside of sleeping hours, it can provide a quiet and serene space for your fish to thrive.

Keeping Noise to a Minimum

Any fish tank or aquarium of reasonable size will require a filter to keep water conditions in check. However, these can be fairly noisy and therefore make sleep difficult for individuals using a bedroom. Basic fish tank filters are almost certainly going to prove too loud for use in a bedroom, although quieter models are easy to find.

However, you will need to spend more on a silent filter. One thing you should definitely avoid is the temptation to turn off a filter during the night. A filter needs to be working 24/7 to ensure water conditions are maintained.

Aquarium Lights

Your fish tank will also probably need a light. Some fish tanks only use a display light, while others utilise a UV light to provide fish and plants with a health level of ultraviolet light exposure. Unlike filtration systems, UV lights don’t need to be running around the clock. In fact, most aquariums won’t need more than 12 hours of UV light exposure.

Therefore, UV lights can be switched off prior to bedtime to ensure they are not causing a distraction to your sleep schedule. However, if your UV light needs to run beyond your usual bedtime, you can invest in a timer to ensure it is switched off once you yourself have bedded down for the night.


Adding a fish tank to a bedroom can have huge implications when it comes to humidity. We tend to prefer our bedrooms to be on the warmer side, even during summer months. If your fish tank doesn’t have a lid, high room temperatures can quickly lead to water evaporating from your tank, increasing the humidity in your bedroom.

Some people may think opening a window will solve the issue, but this can lead to significant drops in temperature which may harm your fish. An easy remedy for this issue is to invest in a lid for your aquarium. This may not keep on top of humidity completely, however. Therefore, it makes sense to also invest in a compact dehumidifier for your bedroom to keep air moisture to a minimum.

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