August 1, 2022
Best Bow Front Aquarium | 2022 Guide

Best Bow Front Aquarium | 2022 Guide

Bow front aquariums are becoming increasingly popular. Instantly recognisable thanks to their curved profile, bow front aquariums are an attractive alternative to flat tanks for several reasons. The curved profile makes them eye-catching in their own right, but their curvature also brings other benefits. The curved acrylic or glass of these tanks has a magnifying effect which can enhance viewing experiences, while the bowed shape provides such tanks with increased capacity. This means you can establish a larger aquarium population than what might be possible with a standard tank with similar dimensions. Our buying guide explores more key details to watch out for when selecting a bow front aquarium.

Main Benefits of Bow Front Aquariums

Many aquarists opt for a bow front tank because of their unique aesthetics. If you’ve only owned traditional flat tanks in the past, a bow front aquarium can reignite your passion for fish-keeping. Experienced aquarists may also find that a bow front tank brings them new challenges. Although a bow front tank can be maintained in much the same way as a flat tank, the curvature of the sidings provide fresh design challenges and will require you to think twice about your maintenance methods.

Viewing angles are also enhanced by bow front aquariums. While a standard tank with flat edges will give you a clear idea of what’s going on in your tank, the curved section of a bow front tank can in fact magnify the interior of your aquarium. If you only have a small bow front tank, this magnification effect can transform even the tiniest of aquatic scenes into a dramatic display.

A bow front tank also provides you with slightly more water capacity than a flat tank of comparable size. This provides your fish with more swimming space and, in some cases, can allow you to introduce more fish to a relatively small tank. Because of their distinct shape, bow front aquariums present new design opportunities for aquarists. While those with little experience may find this a challenge, it can be a rewarding one that can lead to some truly impressive underwater scenes.

Filters, Heaters & Lighting

When choosing a bow front aquarium, all the key essentials you’d expect from a standard tank should be considered. A filtration system is the most important add-on you need to be thinking about. If your tank doesn’t have one already included as part of the package, you will need to source one separately. Look for multi-stage filtration as the basic standard. Ideally, every aquarium filter should provide chemical, mechanical and biological filtration.

A heating element is also crucial if you intend on keeping tropical fish species in your aquarium. Many tropical fish breeds can only thrive in a very narrow temperature margin, so you’ll need a heater that can maintain high temperature levels consistently.

Lighting is also important, especially if you have aquatic plants bedded into your tank substrate. Many basic tanks come with LED lights that offer attractive colour displays, but do little to stimulate natural sunlight. You should be aiming to provide your fish with a natural day/night cycle from simulated light sources. If you need to keep aquatic plants healthy, a UV light is the best option. Often, tanks will only come with an LED light, so you’ll likely need to purchase UV light sources separately.

Display Stands

Stands are particularly important for bow front aquariums. If you have a larger bow front tank, you’ll need a stand that can support the unique weight distribution of a curved tank. Even a smaller tank will need some thinking about when it comes to selecting a stand. However, this concerns are usually focused on aesthetics. Many bow front stands are designed to complement the curves of the tank itself, with the frontage and siding also boasting curved panels. If you want a seamless aesthetic, make sure you are picking a stand with curves that accentuate the curves of your bow front tank.

Product Reviews – The Best Bow Front Aquariums

Looking for a more elegant choice of fish tank? Below are some of the best bow front aquariums currently on the market.

SeaClear 46 gal Bowfront Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, 36 by 16.5 by 20″, Cobalt Blue

If you’re looking for enhanced views of your aquarium setup, this convex tank from SeaClear is a good option. This combo set includes an aquarium itself, along with a reflector and integrated light fixture that will show off your fish and marine species in all their glory. The bow front profile of this tank means no part of your aquarium will be obscured from view. The convex shape also gives you more flexibility when it comes to setting up your aquarium for the first. With its curved profile, you have more freedom when it comes to establishing unique substrate layers, as well as when it comes to installing new decorative pieces.

This bow front aquarium is made from acrylic, rather than glass. While some may think this is a compromise, the acrylic material is in fact far superior to glass in several ways. Not only is the acrylic used here many times stronger than standard glass, it also offers much clearer views of your tank interior. Despite all of this, the acrylic material is far lighter than glass, making it easy to move your tank around. It also gives you more freedom when it comes to choosing a suitable stand or display cabinet. Unlike glass, the acrylic here is unlikely to suffer from chipping or cracking, making it a suitable for choice for busy households.


Vista Aquarium Kit, 8.5 US Gal (32 L), Black

If you’re looking for a more compact choice of bow front aquarium, this Fluval Vista 8.5-gallon tank is a good investment. This complete kit comes with just about everything you will need to establish a thriving aquarium. The framed tank itself should prove more than sufficient for housing betta fish or nano fish, provided of course you aren’t investing in species that require large groups to be introduced at one time.

In addition to the convex tank itself, you’ll find a powerful LED light included. This light makes it easy to keep fish who require warmer water temperatures. The light also features a soft start feature, meaning you can gradually increase the temperature of your water, without causing unwanted stress or shock for your fish and plant species.

In addition to the tank and LED light, this kit includes an AquaClear clip-on-filter. This filtration system provides you with multi-stage water cleaning, ensuring the water within your tank always remains crystal clear and healthy for your fish. This reliable filter also means you will not have to worry about carrying out frequent water changes. A premium LCD thermometer is also included, allowing you to keep a constant eye on changes in water temperature.

If you plan on keeping fish breeds that are particularly sensitive to minor spikes or drops in water temperature, this thermometer will become indispensable. Finally, you’ll find water conditioner, tropical fish food and biological all included in the package. With just about everything you need included here, this great value kit makes the ideal choice for the novice aquarist just starting out.


biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED – 8 Gallon, White

The biOrb Flow doesn’t boast the pronounced curves of over bow front aquariums, but it is definitely worth investigating if you’re looking for a more contemporary tank for housing your fish collection. This stunning tank is made from high-grade acrylic, which is around ten times stronger than standard glass. It also offers much improved transparency over glass material, providing you with spectacular views of your aquarium contents. Another big benefit of acrylic is that is much lighter than glass, making it easier to reposition your aquarium, even when filled with water, gravel and other material.

This curved aquarium also comes with an advanced filtration system. Unlike other systems that offer subpar staged filtration, this system provides you with a full range of biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. It also delivers water stabilisation and oxygenation filtration stages. The superior filtration performance alone makes this tank worth considering. LED lighting is also included as standard, saving you the need to have to purchase kit separately.

As the lighting component has been designed exclusively for this tank, you can count on perfect fit and illumination that will show off your fish beautifully. All electrical components run off the same power supply, with this aquarium setup operating at very low voltage. This makes it a very energy-efficient choice.


Hygger Small Betta Fish Tank with LED Lighting, 4 Gallon Desktop Aquarium Starter Kit with Lid, Filter Pump Filter Cartridges for Snail Tropical Fish

This 4-gallon fish tank from Hygger is a good choice for those looking for curved frontage and first-rate integrated features. Although the convex frontage of this tank is less pronounced than other bow front aquariums, you’ll still be able to enjoy premium views of your fish and marine plants.

This tank also offers you some handy smart features that make caring for your fish as easy as possible. There’s an integrated temperature probe to allow you to keep an eye on water conditions, with an LED digital display providing you with readings in real time. There is also integrated lighting, with touchscreen controls allowing you to switch between four different lighting modes.

This tank also features a submersible water pump that will allow you to maintain excellent water conditions for your fish. Two filter media cartridges are included, with the bio filter particularly effective at ensuring your water remains as clear as possible. The water pump will also ensure water is effectively circulated at all times, allowing oxygen to disperse throughout the entire interior. Unlike other tanks in this list, this aquarium is made from glass, rather than acrylic.

However, because of its compact size, you won’t have to worry about this tank being bulky and difficult to move. The plastic trim also lessens the load somewhat. The flip lid is a nice touch, helping prevent excessive evaporation and water loss, while also making feeding time as convenient as possible.


GloFish Crescent Aquarium Kit 5 Gallons, Includes Hidden Blue LED Light And Internal Filter

This GloFish aquarium kit is a must-have for those looking for a bow front tank to display their fish in style. This tank boasts a crescent-style front, with the curve being a little more subtle than other bow front tanks. However, the curved frontage means you can enjoy views of your fish from any angle. In addition to its attractive profile, this tank comes with integrated blue LED lighting that will complement your tropical fish and vibrant marine plants well. This LED lighting has been tailored toward fluorescent fish, but even everyday tropical species will look great under its glare.

This tank is relatively small, with a capacity of just five gallons, but this should provide more than enough room for collectors looking to house nano fish and some betta fish varieties. The seamless tank also features a canopy top, with a convenient feeding hole. This canopy not only helps keep on top of water evaporation, it also prevents particularly lively fish from escaping the confines of the aquarium during feeding time. A separate lid is also included, which will effectively seal off your aquarium from ambient temperatures.

An internal filtration is also included, negating you having to purchase a filter system separately. The only real downside of this tank is its size, although the compact dimensions may in fact be what you’re looking for. It’s certainly large enough for modest stocks of nano species. Another potential issue is the presence of vaguely visible seams in the acrylic frontage. However, once filled with water and fully illuminated, these subtle seams are almost invisible and shouldn’t tarnish your view.


Aqueon Aqueon 01204 1-Gallon Mini Bow Aquarium Kit, Blue

The Aqueon MiniBow is a good option for younger aquarists looking to put together their first aquarium. Although very compact, this bow front aquarium provides ample living space for nano fish, while solitary bettas will thrive in their new environment. The bow front profile of this tank also amplifies living space for fish, while also enhancing your view and the overall aesthetics of the tank.

This tank is also far easier to set up than other aquarium options, making it a user-friendly product for little ones excited about keeping aquatic pets for the first time. It is also a good choice if you are particularly short on space, with the compact profile small enough that it can be housed on small shelving, desktops and tables.

Although basic, this bow front aquarium includes all the essentials you’ll need to get started. An ultra-quiet flow filter is included, complete with cartridge, meaning you can keep on top of water maintenance from the off. The aquarium hood also comes with integrated LED lighting, with a 15-watt bulb included in the package. A comprehensive setup and aquarium care guide is included for your reference, while water conditioner and fish food can also be found in the box, saving you the additional expense of purchasing these items separately.

If you’re looking for a stylish bow front aquarium to show off pedigree fish varieties, the Aqueon MiniBow is probably not the best option. The plastic tank hood takes away form the aesthetics of this tank, while the blue tint may not be for everyone. However, little ones will love what’s on offer here.


Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank, 0.7-Gallon

Although the Penn Plax Deluxe is not the most stylish of aquariums, this budget-friendly tank actually comes with some very practical features. First off, you have the bow front design which provides your fish with additional swimming space, while also giving you better views of your tank interior. Despite being very affordable, this aquarium also comes with a two-tone lighting system that provides day-to-night changes to replicate natural environments.

This lighting system can also be operated manually at the press of a button, allowing you to control the amount of light exposure your fish receive. If you are keeping fish species that have particular requirements when it comes to UV exposure, this will prove a very useful feature.

Although compact, this tank also includes the option to separate the interior into several sections. You can ultimately divide this tank into three separate sections, allowing you to keep aggressive fish from coming into contact with each other. In theory, you could house three male bettas within this tank, although you’re best bet is to use the two outer sections as designated living areas for two male bettas and provide each with alternating access to the central chamber.

The dividers themselves are made from opaque material, which will still give your aquarium the appearance of a single, seamless environment. This tank also comes with a reliable filtration system, helping you keep aquarium water clean and free of harmful debris.


1.2 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kits , Aquariums Square Betta Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump

This FREESEA aquarium is a good choice for those looking for a compact fish tank with curved frontage and plenty of integrated functions and features. This 1.2-gallon fish tank might be small but it should prove more than sufficient for keeping nano fish and solitary bettas. The curved frontage amplifies living space slightly, but doesn’t quite match up to more pronounced bow front tanks on the market. This tank should also appeal to those looking for a low-maintenance option for displaying ornamental fish varieties. Two LED lights are included, along with decorative plant ornaments so you don’’t need to purchase additional items separately.

A filtration system is also included fort he price. This system is concealed behind the back wall of the fish tank itself, leaving no unsightly cartridges or hosing on show. This also frees up swimming space for your fish. One thing to bear in mind here is that the filtration system is fairly basic, with only an air pump and sponge media included. However, provided you keep up with water testing and water changes, these filter system should prove effective enough at maintaining a healthy environment for your fish.


The Verdict

When choosing a bow front tank, much of the same logic you would use when purchasing a standard tank should be observed. You’ll want an effective filter with multi-stage filtration to work with. If your tank package doesn’t include one, or only includes a second-rate filter system, you’ll need to purchase a reliable alternative separately. If you do purchase your filter separately, think about the architecture of your tank and whether or not the curved tank edges will pose a problem for placement of your filter.

Heating and lighting also need to be considered. Tropical fish will need relatively high water temperatures to be maintained consistently, so any heater you buy should be reliable and come with a backup power supply. Lighting is also crucial. Most tanks come with LED arrays, but these only go some way to replicate the natural day/night cycle. Make sure any lighting system included comes with a timer and, if you want to change up your display regularly, several lighting colour options. If you opt for large bow front tank and plan on bedding plants into your substrate or introducing floating aquatic plants, your lighting source should also provide UV exposure.

Finally, if you require a stand to display your bow front tank, you’ll need to put more thought into this purchase than you would if you were working with standard tank shapes and dimensions. A bow front tank has a more uneven weight distribution, so it makes sense to go for a stand that can cope with more substantial loads than what your filled tank will weigh. A metal stand is a good bet for much larger bow front tanks. If you only have a smaller bow front tank, consider a curved cabinet or stand with a silhouette that will complement the curvature of your bow front aquarium.

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