June 13, 2023
Are Fish Tank Filters Noisy? | 2022 Guide

Are Fish Tank Filters Noisy? | 2022 Guide

Fish tank filters are available in a variety of sizes, with different units operating at varying power levels. If your fish tank is producing an excessive amount of noise, the filter itself is likely not the source of the sound. Most of the time, excessive fish tank noise is usually down to issues with an attached air pump.

However, if your fish tank filter is not performing as it should, it can produce unwanted noise. Accumulated debris can often lead to a loud fish tank filter, while an improperly positioned filter can also lead to noise.

How to Eliminate Fish Tank Filter Noise

If your fish tank filter is proving particularly noisy, there are some steps you can take to resolve the issue. First off, unplug and remove the filter from the tank. Next, remove any filtration inserts and inspect them for dirt and debris. If the inserts have accumulated debris, run them under the tap until the green debris has been washed away.

You can then reinsert them in the filter itself. If you haven’t cleaned your fish tank or replaced the water for a while, a significant amount of algae may have built up within the filter housing itself. In this case, you will need to clean the complete filter before returning it to your fish tank. You may also need to inspect the intake nozzle of your filter.

This element can all too easily become clogged with debris and algae growth. If the intake nozzle is particularly dirty, you may need to use a pipe cleaner to remove stubborn debris from the interior tubing.

How to Tackle Rattling Noises

If your fish tank filter is making an annoying rattling noise, your filter may not be properly assembled. To rule this issue out, remove the filer from the fish tank, thoroughly dry it and check to see if all the elements are properly attached and secured in place. You may even need to disassemble it and reassemble it to ensure it is properly connected.

Splashing Noises

If your fish tank filter is making splashing sounds, the issue may be the water level within your tank. Check to see if the water level within your fish tank has fallen beneath the level of your filter attachment. Low water levels will almost always cause unwanted splashing sounds courtesy of your fish tank filter.

However, you may have an underwater fish tank filter that is designed to be constantly submerged. If the water line in your fish tank is still high, your filter may have simply risen slightly. For a quick fix, simply push the filter into a lower position.

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